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Shop for living room tables in Tuscaloosa, AL

Mass-produced, unassembled furniture will never have the look and feel that high-quality home goods do. If you want something that will set your Southern soul singing, come to BEYOND Southern Furnishings. Our kitchen, dining room and living room tables have the rustic charm you love.
You'll find a delightful selection of tables and bookcase for sale right here in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Offering bold, wood tables for every room

A table is usually the largest piece in a room. It's what everyone's eyes go to first, so you've got to make sure your kitchen, dining and living room tables look and feel how you want. Come out to BEYOND Southern Furnishings to shop for...


  • Living room tables: Show off your décor and family photos with one of our imported end tables and coffee tables.
  • Kitchen tables: Create a beautiful focal point in your kitchen with one of our sturyd, farmhouse-style tables.
  • Dining room tables: Treat your family and guests to a formal dinner on a long, polished dining room table.
  • Bookcases: Perfect for your bedroom, living room, or nursery, our bookcases are perfect for any display of books and keepsakes.



Our stock varies from day to day. Call 205-657-0115 today to ask about the tables and bookcases for sale in our Tuscaloosa, AL shop.